Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does a joint lease mean I am responsible for all the rent if my roommate stops paying?
    A joint lease indicates that all roommates are ultimately responsible for the total lease value. We will attempt to collect rental portions from the specific roommates initially. If one or more residents were to default on rent, then we will explore collecting from all remaining residents. Should there be open bedrooms in the apartment it is the resident’s responsibility to find additional roommates pursuant to the West Lafayette Code on maximum rental occupancy.
  2. What if I decide to transfer to a different school?
    You will remain responsible for the full term of the lease; however subleasing is allowed. Contact the main office or see our section regarding subleasing on this page.
  3. What is the sublease policy? Does this release me from my obligation?
    If you are unable to fulfill your lease term, there are no cancelation policies; however, you do have the option to find a subtenant for any portion of your lease term. A sublease is a person you will find to take over some portion of the lease. Please contact the office for any fees associated with subleasing. Once you find your sublease candidate, you and your sublease will have to complete all necessary paperwork. If your sublease would create a coed living situation, all tenants on the lease would have to consent to the proposed sublease. You will still be responsible for the apartment under the terms and conditions of the sublease so you will want to check periodically and make sure all payments are being made. For further explanation, call our main office at (765) 273-4895.
  4. Why do I have to pay rent in July when I don’t move in until mid-August?
    The payment that is due in July will cover the last month of your lease agreement. Please remember that the lease term is based on the number of days from start to finish of the lease, the total dollar value is paid out over a full twelve (12) month period; therefore the rent amount is divided into 12 equal installments.
  5. Can you find a roommate for me?
    We can assist you in finding additional roommates. Ultimately the responsibility and decision to accept or reject any roommate remains with you and any other current tenants on the lease since it is a join lease agreement.
  6. Can I bring my own furniture?
    You may bring whatever furniture you wish; however, at most communities, we provide a twin bed and a chest of drawers for the bedroom. If you choose not to use the furniture provided, it will be the responsibility of the resident to contact the office and make arrangements to have it removed. You can also rent furniture through Cort Furniture. They will deliver and pick it up when you are finished with it.
  7. Do you have maintenance service?
    We have our own maintenance staff along with several professional subcontractors. A 24 hour emergency maintenance service is provided by calling the office number. If no one is available to answer, select the emergency service option and you will be redirected to our answering service. They will discuss your situation and contact the appropriate on call management or service personnel. Our goal is to respond to any general service request within a 24-48 hour window. Non-emergency requests for maintenance can be submitted via our website, email, phone, or in person.
  8. Will I be charged for maintenance repairs?
    You will not be charged for maintenance repairs that are a result of normal wear and tear. Charges will only be assessed for repairs due to an accident or negligence on your part, another tenant, or a guest in your apartment. You may be held responsible for the actions of a guest whom you invite onto the property, so choose wisely!
  9. Can I have a satellite dish?
    If you would like to switch to a dish service, you are more than welcome to, but the property does have a few restrictions when it comes to mounting your dish. It must be free standing and not mounted to any part of the building structure. Please contact our main office for more details.
  10. What do we consider to be an emergency?
    At Cochran Apartments, we do offer a 24 hour emergency maintenance service. An emergency for our service would be, “My toilet is clogged and I only have 1.” Or “I’m locked out of my apartment.” These are just a few examples but for these types, please call our emergency maintenance service. If you see smoke, fire, etc. Please DO NOT call us first, call 911. After you have contacted them, please call our emergency maintenance service so that we are informed of the situation.