Utility Information

The utilities paid for the by the property (indicated on your lease) do not require any action by you to activate or disconnect. You only need to process the utilities not provided. If you are unsure which utilities are your responsibility please contact the office (leasing@cochranapartments.com) for details. Residents are not required to activate home phone service.

For utility outages, other than cable and internet, please contact the service provider first. This will provide you the quickest response to the outage.

For Cable and Internet please contact Cochran Apartments (765) 273-4895 or complete a maintenance request form. If the property provides basic cable services, you can order and pay for additional services and will only be billed for those additional services. Residents will need to get digital service boxes from Comcast for each television. Those boxes, along with any additional equipment, such as DVR boxes and remotes, are the residents’ responsibility and should be returned at Comcast at the end of your lease.


Duke Energy services West Lafayette

Duke Energy
Phone: (800) 521-2232
Website: www.duke-energy.com
**requires 2 business days to process requests**


Vectren provides natural gas service for most of West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County

Phone: (800) 227-1376
Website: www.vectren.com

Residential Phone

Telephone services in West Lafayette are provided by Frontier.

Phone: (877) 462-8188
Website: www.frontier.com

Mobile Phone Service

There are multiple cellular phone companies who service the West Lafayette area. We have listed the primary ones for your convenience.

Phone: (765) 497-8971
Website: www.att.com
Local Office: 404 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone: (765) 447-3377
Website: www.verizonwireless.com
Local Office: 100 S. Creasy Ln Ste 1500, Lafayette, IN 47905

Phone: (765) 447-2830
Website: www.t-mobile.com
Local Office: 170 S. Creasy Ln Ste 1750, Lafayette, IN 47905


In West Lafayette, water service is provided by Indiana American Water Co., a privately owned company.

Indiana American Water
Phone: (800) 492-8373
Website: www.indiana-american.com
Local Office: 1007 Happy Hollow Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906
**requires 2 business days to process requests**

Wastewater, Trash, and Recycling

New service application is done automatically when you hook up to the water service with Indiana-American Water.

Cable Television and Internet

Comcast provides cable and internet service to all of West Lafayette.

Phone: (800) 266-2278
Website: www.comcast.com
Local Office: 325 S. Creasy Ln, Lafayette, IN 47905
For outages, please contact Cochran Apartments
Phone: (765) 273-4895
Email: management@cochranapartments.com